About Animal Rebellion New York City

Who are we?

  We are a loosely-affiliated group of people attemping to end the institution of violence in our society, both violence against humans and violence against non-human animals. We aim to be radically inclusive, and we tackle systems of oppression, not individuals. We seek to use artistic expression to awaken consciousness of and compassion for victims of violent oppression, and to bring out in stark detail the problems in our society which have lead to the commodification of sentient life.

How to Get Involved

  You can learn how to get involved either by going to one of our public events, or by sending an email to:

(replace the [at] with the @ sign).

If you are already engaged in activism with another organization and would like to coordinate with us, we would love to hear from you! If you are just getting started with activism, we'd also love to hear from you!

Media Requests

Requests can be sent to press[at]arebellion.nyc
(replace the [at] with the @ sign)

  We can speak only on behalf of Animal Rebellion NYC, not on behalf of other Animal Rebellion groups around the world (although of course we try to stay in contact with them).